My name is Dee Moultrie the other owner of The Admin Angel. I’ve been in the consulting field since 1992 when I started as an Independent Financial Consultant helping families with personal finances, insurance planning, debt elimination, credit restoration all the way up until the market crash of 2008. Two other business that my Husband and I owned during this time was a very successful Real Estate Investment company and we also operated a Personalized Books for Children business that we later turned into a successful family venture with our boys. Life was good!

When the market crashed in 2008 (because the majority of our businesses were tied to the financial sector) we nearly lost everything. Thank God for a loving support system of family, we didn’t. But imagine my successful 16-year career suddenly changing for the worse overnight. Now what?

Well it took me 5 years and a whole lot of self-discovery, deep soul searching, tears, several online training programs, other desperate attempts in Network Marketing and even a profitable but overwhelming attempt of running a Painting Franchise and eventually Business Coaching to figure it out – but that I did!

Despite the unfortunately circumstances surrounding the economic crash that so many of us were affected by, one thing I could not deny was that overall the Consulting field had been incredibly good to me. Consulting was a strength for me and something I did very well – a perfect fit.

I was first introduced to the Administrative Consulting field in 2010 during my time of soul searching and allowed someone to talk me out of it. In 2014, while working with a few coaching clients, it hit me stronger than ever that my clients did not need me as a coach as much as they needed support in GETTING THINGS DONE! A collaborative support process in creating a business that served them and the life they were trying to create. Out of this experience was birthed The Admin Angel and it has been the best business decision I have ever made.

Through the Admin Angel, I am remarkable able to use all of my collective experiences and skillsets gained over the last 24 years to help an industry, that I love, be more successful – Small Business Owners. Over the last year, I have been able to serve some of the best clients in the world with a specific focus of helping them run more organized, smoother and profitable operations.

About The Admin Angel

The Admin Angel is an administrative consulting firm specializing in administrative consulting and practice management to Solo Business Owners. I serve them by providing an administrative support alternative to those Solo Business Owners who have the same critical need for a level of continuous administrative support as the larger counterparts but do not have the time or space for a full or part-time in-house staff. This on-going relationship with Solo Business Owners allows them the freedom and focus to grow a business that serves them as well as their clients.

My service is: On-going, collaborative relationship, providing a monthly package of right-hand administrative consulting and (support) practice management.

THING 1(3)How can I help your business? Free you up so you can make a bigger impact and empower you to design a business that serves you as well as your clients.

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